Animator by trade, tinkerer by nature. I love to solve problems, whether they’re technical or creative. I love to take something and give it an extra tweak to make life easier. I’m the type of person who will actually read the manuals of tech I buy. Crazy, right? Anything can be solved with the right amount of time and effort.

Picture of Sean smiling

At the core, my creativity stems from my drive to solve problems. I love to take someone’s idea and bring it to life. Solving creative storytelling problems to create and end product, especially out of a sparse collection of assets is so satisfying to accomplish. I’m no stranger to new technology and love to experiment with anything I can get my hands on. I’ve created immersive floor to ceiling projection mapping experiences, setup VR demos at conferences, and have used 360 videos to solve niche problems our clients have had.

When not diving headfirst into After Effects or a video. I’m typically found with a glass of whiskey and playing video games with my friends. I’m an avid outdoors enthusiast and love cycling and hiking. I also enjoy unplugging and playing ttrpgs with friends or other board games.